So I only have a few more days till my Facebook is eliminated. Kinda surreal now that I have the chance to dwell on it. No Facebook? How many people are actually gonna follow me on this site? How will I be able to keep in touch with me? Ph maybe I made the wrong choice? No, I think I’ll be OK. God will provide!

As far as the site itself, I have a lot of ideas I want to do. I was thinking of having a category dedicated to my Bible Readings. And another category for my sermons. That reminds me! My first sermon is November 5th, 2011! Nerve racking yet exciting. I plan to record it and post the sermon in it’s entirety on the site. Another possible category will be the Memorable Moments Reel. Here I’ll have pictures and updates on things in my life that occur. Lastly, I want to add a category called the Prayer Wall. You can already imagine what it will contain.

Here are those categories again:

Updates: Like a Status just more detailed!

Readings: Bible readings interpreted and explained.

Friday Night Recon: A debriefing on how the troops did in the malls!

Sermons: Live audio recordings of my Sermons with a quick summary.

Memorable Moments Reel (MMR): Posts containing photos and blurps important to me in my life.