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Inside the Writers Mind.

I was reading this other blog, who’s name has escaped me, and they said one of the hardest parts about blogging is learning to write when you don’t want to. Agreed! That is the hardest thing to do. Writing is my passion, actually I would rephrase that to creation is my passion. I enjoy making new things and creating works of art with my words. Paper is my canvas and my mind is the pen. The pen is designed to write but the ink is low. Let determination represent ink I suppose. When I don’t have that determination, I don’t write. I don’t create. I mean I bought a journal for $5 because I thought it would influence me to greatness.

Every time I write I expect to blow my own mind and the minds of others… Instantly. As I start to write, more often then not I find myself hating the flow or the speed my mind is creating. I say I’m not fast enough or I’m not even attracting myself into the writing. Maybe if I let that go then I’ll see my potential of creation truly unfold. Music is key to a solid performance for me. There is something about the notes and the depth of the music that gets my minds saturated with ink. It comes naturally. Freely flows from my mind to the canvas. The piece has to be all instrumental with no vocals. I feel like the vocalistic songs already have a story to them, as opposed to a song with no words. Instrumental songs leave the interpretation to the listener and that is true interpretation. Hence it’s the main drive behind my creation process. I’m gonna get some headphones this weekend do I can get some juices flowing.

I’d love to state I’ll be writing every day here on out and holding myself to it, however, I’ve said that before and it hasn’t happened. I’ve said, just do it Jesse. Buy a journal and a nice pen, then record the whole day each night for ever. Sell that and make millions. Right. At this stage of the game I think I’ve come to realize I’m not committed and I’m lazy. Hey! That qualifies me as a human! Lol.

However bleak my perspective is of myself, I do have a large family who believes in me and supports me in all that I do. Except getting a puppy. For some reason that’s a no no for us newly weds. Besides. Puppies are cute and a great start to the real world! Right?!

Regardless. I need to write when I don’t want to. Maybe I’ll find raw talent in those moments. Most importantly, write even though it may never be read.


You win.

After many hours of debate and pacing back and forth within the living room of my mind, I have decided to keep the atrocious Facebook account. If I really want this site to take flight, then I need to get as readers to click and spend a few minutes here. I want this hone in on my ability to write and become a force to be recognized in the writing community! I also want to have the name of Jesus spread from all corners of the Earth.

So I’ll keep the Facebook, against my will! Not really, I just can’t imagine life without it right now.

Almost Completed!

So I only have a few more days till my Facebook is eliminated. Kinda surreal now that I have the chance to dwell on it. No Facebook? How many people are actually gonna follow me on this site? How will I be able to keep in touch with me? Ph maybe I made the wrong choice? No, I think I’ll be OK. God will provide!

As far as the site itself, I have a lot of ideas I want to do. I was thinking of having a category dedicated to my Bible Readings. And another category for my sermons. That reminds me! My first sermon is November 5th, 2011! Nerve racking yet exciting. I plan to record it and post the sermon in it’s entirety on the site. Another possible category will be the Memorable Moments Reel. Here I’ll have pictures and updates on things in my life that occur. Lastly, I want to add a category called the Prayer Wall. You can already imagine what it will contain.

Here are those categories again:

Updates: Like a Status just more detailed!

Readings: Bible readings interpreted and explained.

Friday Night Recon: A debriefing on how the troops did in the malls!

Sermons: Live audio recordings of my Sermons with a quick summary.

Memorable Moments Reel (MMR): Posts containing photos and blurps important to me in my life.

Over 300 won!

Update update! Hot off the press! Friday Night Recon Team 6 has lead over 300 people to the Lord! Wow what a difference God has used us to make in this community!


Amen! More information on our Friday Night Recon Soul Winning trips! Each Friday night!

Hello and welcome to my new website! No, this is not a rant page about Facebook or a sappy story blog. It’s  a website to replace what I used to do on Facebook. And I welcome all who have visited from my Former Facebook page.

Very excited to have a real domain name! I like the sound of! It has a unique ring to it. My brother-in-law thought of a domain name that had to do with sandals since Jesus wore them… and it sparked the name Holy Sandals! It sticks, it has a story, and I like it!

Well since you are here, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Jesse, and I am happily married at the ripe age of 20. You can close your mouth now. I have been attending a church named Calvary Community Church since 2005. It was at this church under the late Dr. Hank Lindstrom that I trusted Christ as my Savior. Many who were friends of mine on Facebook knew what that phrase meant. Simply put: I am a sinner destined to hell. I believe that Christ died on the cross for me and by believing He did that for me will get me to Heaven when I die.

In other news, the Tampa Bay Rays have beaten the Toronto Blue Jays 6-2 at the Trop! I am a HUGE Rays fan since last year and baseball is quickly becoming my favorite sport! The fact that my Fantasy Football League is like all injured right now is not helping either. When I go soul winning with my church I like to compare the people we lead to the Lord like baseball stats.

Oh and by the way, every Friday night our youth group goes to local malls and explains the Gospel of Christ. We call it Friday Night Recon! We want to make a podcast but that is still in the works… What is the Gospel? Check out my next post 😉

Looks like its going to be a packed website! I plan to have updates on the Friday Night Recon trips and, as expected, a documentary of my life! I love to write too from time to time. Only when I am in the mood to really lay it out. Maybe I’ll start a story with installments! But again welcome one an all! Holy Sandals have left Holy Footprints; I’m following those.